A Team For Your Team.

Triple Apparels Ltd is the latest addition to the Partex Star family, a household name in Bangladesh. We are well poised to position ourselves as one of the largest global apparel manufacturers with world-class capabilities and standards.

Headquartered in Dhaka with the aim of establishing design studios in global fashion hubs, Team Triple Apparel will rally and redefine Bangladesh’s apparel landscape, converting designs into solutions in a rapid turnaround in intimate wear as well as performance, sports, and swimwear product ranges.

Our leadership team is a brilliant mix of the best in technology, design, and manufacturing and our people with their craft and expertise is our backbone.

Our Vision

Redefine Bangladesh’s apparel landscape into a world-class setup catering to premium global markets and leading brands.

Our Mission

Transform the future of apparel manufacturing and create sophisticated apparel solutions through efficient infrastructure and intelligent integration of technology, automation, and human capital development.

Our Purpose

Revolutionize Bangladesh’s apparel value chain with refined supply chain management and investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure and human capital development to deliver with innovation, speed, and agility.

Our Leadership

M. A. Hashem


A visionary leader in pursuit of industrial enterprise excellence through foresight, courage, humility, a sense of responsibility, and above all, a great love for the country, Mr. Hashem is a pioneering entrepreneur in the thriving private sector of modern Bangladesh. Under him, the Partex Star Group has grown from strength to strength currently holding stakes in diverse industries both in local and international markets. With the experience and business acumen gained from the rest of the affiliates, Triple Apparels, the latest undertaking of Partex Star Group is set to take on the apparel manufacturing sector.

Aziz Al Kaiser


Under his outstanding leadership, foresight, and dedication, Mr. Aziz Al Kaiser led the Partex Star group into an era of unprecedented diversification and fortification within a brief period. The launching of a new genre of industrial business units, and the group’s unstoppable surge establishing corporate stakes in banking, insurance, logistics, and capital markets were among his groundbreaking achievements. He is also the Chairman of the City Bank Ltd and holds board-member positions at many other institutions.

Tabassum Kaiser


Ms. Tabassum Kaiser is a visionary businesswoman with profound knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Business Development. She is the Chairperson of Partex Agro Limited, a Director at the City Bank as well as a Director of Partex Star Group and holds board-member positions at many other institutions. Ms. Tabassum Kaiser is a strong supporter of local and international humanitarian causes, and she is actively involved in raising awareness on social welfare, community development, and environmental preservation.

Group Information

Partex Star Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi diversified private sector enterprises. The Group, the then Partex Group, started its journey in 1962, with the torchbearer, Mr. M.A. Hashem, the founder Chairman of the then Partex Group, an eminent industrialist of the country.

Partex Star Group owns and successfully operates a continuously growing list of manufacturing, service and trading concerns delivering best values to customers through its products and services. A motivated workforce, management and committed board members led by the Partex Star Group Chairperson and backed by a market-oriented corporate strategy have been the cornerstone of the group’s success.

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