Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

“Culture guides discretionary behavior, and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It tells us whether to risk telling our bosses about our new ideas, and whether to surface or hide problems. Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and culture is our guide. Culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room, which is, of course, most of the time.”

We are well poised to position ourselves as one of the largest global apparel manufacturers with world-class capabilities and standards. Our ultimate goal is to rally the support of our people and empower them to be motivated, optimistic and energetically working towards a common cause, and working in collaboration with our customers and meeting all expectations to design, build and manufacture excellent products.

What drives us is our corporate culture

One Team. One Passion. One Goal.

Triple Apparels 5 Hallmarks


Design is the heartbeat of Triple Apparel’s production process. The creative search, exploration and the aesthetic and innovative stimuli that will differentiate products. Design thinking is our mental gymnastic- an action, a verb, not a noun- requiring amazing energy and unrestrained passion. This is Triple Apparel’s foundation for pushing a brand line forward.


Today, apparel fashion moves fast. Triple Apparel moves and reacts faster. The apparel markets are synonymous with rapid change and Triple Apparel is poised to bend backward for its customers with its flexibility and responsiveness to react quickly to evolving environments in the apparel industry in order to satisfy consumer demands at its peak. Triple Apparel has your back to accelerate maximally.


‘Hypertime to market’ is an adage of the apparel production process. Shorter delivery time makes the production and marketing process more efficient in providing opportunities for quicker responses to changing demands. We aim always to be effective on time. Saving time is saving money. Also, Triple Apparel will deliver. Your success is our goal.


For the industry’s continued growth and competitiveness, Triple Apparel‘s innovative and free-thinking culture coupled with passion and entrepreneurial skills drives our people to produce the best in ideas. Continuous exploring, asking the why’s and what’s, conducting market research and trend analysis. Add this on with our investments in high-tech machinery, and our emphasis on efficient, repeatable flow and process, and you have a winner.


Time is the new luxury and time is money. Moreover, speed to market has become the key competitive differentiator. We strive to stay ahead of the trend and ensure supply chain speed. Always running at 100% efficiency. Moving from concept to product to market with a fully integrated service supported by investment in high tech state-of-the-art infrastructure. With Triple Apparel, we get you on your mark, get set, go.

Team Triple Apparel

From our headquarters in Dhaka, Team Triple Apparel will rally and redefine Bangladesh’s apparel landscape, converting designs into solutions in a rapid turnaround in intimates as well as performance, sports, and swimwear product ranges. Our leadership team is a brilliant mix of the best in technology, design, and manufacturing. So our people with their craft and expertise is our backbone.

Team Triple Apparel is comprised of design and build experts. Our development and production management teams will rally and muscle together your project briefs and tech-packs, whether the project is design-heavy or time-sensitive. We source, develop and manufacture our products that will meet the expectations of our customers so they can focus on marketing, sales, and branding.

One Team. Make magic with our expertise and dedication in every stage of our craft in collaborating with our clients. One Passion. Ignited by the vision, innovation, and passion in our people, our client’s brands, and our causes. One Goal. Foster a workplace that embraces all of our unique abilities. Meeting customer expectations. Committed to supporting communities. Dedicated to preserving and protecting our planet.

Let’s Work Together