Who You are Tomorrow Begins
With What You do Today

We are committed to our core values of quality, sustainability, customer centricity, and honesty. We foster a mentality of sustainability that permeates our corporate culture in our endeavor to carefully balance profitable growth, integrity and caring for people as well as the environment in line with global standards guidelines.

Staying true to these ethical and social responsibility guidelines will ensure that we remain an ethically driven brand with a mission to create a positive impact on the apparel industry.

Triple Apparel's Ethical Concerns


Through continuous engagement with our employees, we aim to be the model corporate citizen and an ‘Employer of Choice.’ Through policies like inclusion and diversity, and our nongender bias hiring policies which include non-discrimination concerning age and impairment enables work-life balance as well as ensures the robust health and safety standards. Performance recognition, a clear career path development program, on the job training are some examples of our HR initiative, and we continue to empower all in our organization to thrive with dignity.

Supply Chain

Supply chain sustainability is a strategic priority for us as the ultimate goal is higher levels of cost savings and risk management with minimum impact on the environment. Waste minimization and recycling is an ongoing initiative. Other initiatives include improving new inventories management system, control of the life-cycle of goods and services to minimize the impact of their production and distribution.

We believe in the credo: to build a sustainable tomorrow, we need to make our supply chain sustainable today.


As a team, we have a proactive awareness and personal responsibility for protecting the environment. We continuously explore to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the enterprises strategic planning, continually optimizing the environmental management system, and reducing the environmental impact of production and operation. Besides, we are committed to positively responding to the demands and expectations of our customers and to jointly proactively address the challenges of global environmental pollution and resource shortages while reducing the impact on the environment through a range of initiatives and use of carbon-friendly solutions.

We continue to focus on reducing our carbon footprint through driving energy efficiency initiatives, technological upgrades, process, and product enhancements, carbon capture, an efficient consumption strategy and more.


We also work to support local employment and the community. It is essential that we establish a presence in the local community where we can witness the benefit of being involved whether that be with our employees, their families or the community in general.

Our Triple Apparel employees in conjunction with our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee organizes community events that everyone can enjoy. Also, they will assess requirements in the community and help align outreach initiatives and extending assistance like food or toy drives and in volunteer work, and in other vital areas of health, sports and education.

Let’s Work Together